costumers, COS-PLAYERS, makers & crafters

About Us

CosMAKtx is a social group dedicated to the discussion & creation of costumes, all items concerning the costumer, cos-player, maker and crafter.


The group does participate & meet for social events, conventions, workshops, etc.  This includes many forms of topics from costume creation to maker/crafter projects. 


CosMAKtx is a social group with a board of officers overseeing all activities including participation in workshops, conventions and social events.  We strive to create an environment for all to participates in a safe & encouraging environments.  
Each officer unless desired otherwise is elected every 2 years.  Our current officer roster are as follows:

President              - Crystal Gayle

Vice President     - Mary Miller

Secretary              - Loretta Morgan

Membership        - Jackie Leaf  

Treasurer              - TBD

Membership encompasses two levels: voting & non-voting members.   To be considered a voting member a $20 annual due is paid.  This dues include membership in the International Costumers Guild, 1st announcements to special events & discount to CosMAKtx events. 

More information on the International Costumers Guild may be found at